BarredTeeBarred Tee
  • When gauging pig and cleaning pipe line, the barred tee (also called file a tee, pigging tee, grille tee) can prevent blocking accident and make the pig smoothy through the mains pipeline
  • Material: ASTM A 234 WPB, WPHY -42, WPHY 46, WPHY 52, WPHY 56,WPHY-60, WPHY 65. WPHY-70
  • Standard: ANSI B16. 9, MSS SP-75
  • Size: 8" - 48"
  • Thickness: Sch 40 - Sch 160
Pass bass test for pipe line
Pass test is a method for inspection and clean the inner surface of engineer pipeline. In order to make sure the long distance oil and gas transmission pipeline and bulk of boiler water wall tube line open, such as cleaning tube cavity caused by construction of sundry, it must pass the ball. Pass ball test has two kinds: a kind of ball test is both inspection and cleaning tube obstruction, such as the long and large diameter oil, its pipelines. after the completion of the engineering project, before the hydraulic pressure test , using a special thick wall hollow rubber ball, the ball's diameter is slightly larger than pigging pipe, from one end of the pressure, and then by pressure water pump will glue ball along the pipeline to move forward, until it from the other end, which can remove by falling into the construction of sundry, can confirm line open again.Another ball test only confirm pipeline flow, such as bulk of boiler water wall tube at the end of the installation, before water pressure test, with steel ball or pelletsdiameter' diameter is slightly less than the inner diameter of tube, from inside the steam drum test per unit, and ensure that the tube has been open.