Compact Flange(RCF)
The compact flanges are produced as per Norsok L005, the new design products whose weight are 70%-80% lighter than that of same size and same pressure rating flanges as per traditional ASME standard.
Swivel Ring Flange(RSR)
The swivel ring flanges are used for offshore platforms, submarine pipelines, FPSO and single point mooring systems etc. Using of Swivel Ring Flanges can greatly save the installation time as well as the costs. 
Cladding Flange(RCW)
The cladding flanges means less cost, faster delivery, less on-site welding problems. They are combinations of the strong mechanical properties of carbon and alloy steels (high yield strength) and high corrosion-resistant abilities of corrosion resistance alloy steels.
Orifice Flange sets
Orifice flange sets are used for installing the orifice plate and sealing kits to pipeline. The orifice plate will be fixed between two orifice flanges. Through the hole on the flanges, a differential pressure flow transmitter get the signal and do the calculation according to Bernoulli equation and we get the flow rate.
Double Studded Adapter(RSA)
RSA is an adapter flange for transition from API 6A high pressure piping system to normal size and/or pressure rating piping system. We can provide double studded adapter(DSA) and single studded adapter(SSA)
The FBE coating flanges
The high quality powder made by 3M is selected as the raw material of FBE coating.The dried film thickness of the flanges is over 400μm after the static painting, and the corrosion resistance capability of FBE flange can last 20 years in marine condition.
Bleed rings / Drip Rings
Materials include 516–Gr70, LF-2, 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. Available with Threaded or Socket-Weld connections and either Raised-Face (125 – 250 AARH) or Ring Tongue Joint – Male or Female...more