Corrosion prevention as common U-bolts and pipe caused by contact between the accelerated corrosion of metal. Corrosion and erosion over the final holes into pinhole leaks. Using sharp U-rubber bolts step can remove the above-corrosion.

  • Roc-Master U-bolt rubber sheath for the ethylene-propylene rubber, and its superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation, even prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and still maintain stability; maximum working temperature can reach 160 degrees. Low surface friction coefficient, tear capability and, in the bolts are tightened to protect pipe coating from damage, both insulation and cushioning effect. 
  • Hot-dip zinc plating, cadmium, XYLAN coated U-bolts to ensure the bulk of the corrosion resistance, but can also provide stainless steel bolts. 


  • For diameter: 1/2-36 "DN20-DN900 
  • U-bolt material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, with four matching nut 
  • Bolt surface treatment: galvanized, hot dip zinc, xylan