The Ball Flange Connector (BF) is a metal seal, ball-and-socket connector for bolting together misaligned pipe ends. The connector accommodates up to 10º of angular misalignment and can be rotated like a swivel-ring flange, enabling divers to make a quick and cost-effective connection. The Ball Flange Connector mates directly to a standard RTJ flange to provide a permanent, stress-free connection.
Ball Flange Connectors incorporate a metal-to-metal seal that can be tested and verified. Sealing integrity is maintained at any angle of misalignment, and the seal is unaffected by externally applied bending loads at all operating pressures. Wiper seals protect the metal seal area from contamination.
Ball Flange Connectors are available from stock in 4-inch through 24-inch, ANSI 900 rating. Thousands of these connectors have been installed worldwide, in sizes from 2-inch through 42-inch.

Design Specifications

Ball Flange Connectors meet the requirements of API 6H and are designed in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 2, unless otherwise specified. Material and configuration of the butt-weld ends are in accordance with ASME B16.5 or MSS SP-44 to match the pipeline.
Ball Flange Connectors can be installed using either torque wrenches or stud tensioners.

Ordering Information

Please provide the following information on any purchase order or request for quotation:

  • Nominal pipe size
  • Pipe wall thickness or bore
  • Pipe grade
  • Design rating
  • Flange specification
  • Fastener type: tensioned or torqued