Recently, we are delighted to announce that Roc-Master has successfully passed the stringent audit conducted by PTTEP and been officially certified as a qualified supplier. The scope of certification covers a wide range of products, including subsea bends, topsides and subsea flanges, as well as fittings. As a company specializing in the supply of equipment and fittings for the oil industry, we fully understand the importance of every detail. Therefore, we always adhere to the principle of quality first and strive to provide customers with the best products and services. This successful certification by PTTEP is not only a recognition of our past efforts but also a motivation for our future development. During the audit process, PTTEP conducted a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of our product quality, technical level, production capacity, and delivery schedule. After several rounds of reviews and on-site inspections, our subsea bends, topsides and subsea flanges, as well as fittings, have demonstrated excellent performance and stability, ultimately earning the certification from PTTEP. The success of this certification has not only enhanced our reputation and influence in the oil industry but also laid a solid foundation for our future business expansion. We will seize this opportunity to continue strengthening technological research and innovation, continuously improving product quality and service levels to meet the growing needs of customers. Looking ahead, we will establish close cooperative relationships with more high-quality enterprises such as PTTEP to jointly promote the prosperous development of the oil industry. We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, we will definitely create a more brilliant future!
Roc-Master successfully signed contract with Saipem for supplying weld overlay clad products to the topside modules for P-79 FPSO project.
Roc-Master successfully signed contract for supplying RocLok Clamp Hub connectors/Hub Blind c/w Seal Rings & Bolts Nuts as well as design service. DNV Class Approval covers detailed manufacturing drawings/design calculation/inspection and test plan and test procedure. DNV Survey covers pre-production meeting, witness hydrotest and FAT, review material/welding/NDT records. The project is ongoing.
Roc-Master successfully win Seawater Dump Cassion contract for Woodside Scarborough FPU project. The Caisson is 3mm weld overlay cladded by Hastelloy C276 and the total length after spooling is 34M. The project is ongoing.
Roc-Master was awarded by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd for P-78 FPSO project for 22 RISERs’ prefabrication and neoprene coating, which include Clad Pipes, Clad Bends, Clad Compact Flanges, Clad Swivel Flanges and Clad API Flanges. The RISER hard pipe is 6mm weld overlay cladded. Field neoprene repair service for 88 field joints will be provided by Roc-Master.
The Caisson is 3mm weld overlay cladded by inconnel 625 for body&bonnet and valve parts. The project is ongoing.
Which include Clad Pipes, Clad Fitting, Clad Compact Flanges, Bolts&Nuts and DSS & SDSS flange fitting. The products is 3mm weld overlay cladded. Field welding will be provided by Roc-Master
Roc-Master was awarded by Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd for FPSO MARECHAL DUQUE DE CAXIAS-MERO 3 PROJECT,and the project has been delivered successfully with quality and quantity guaranteed on time,products as follows:
Roc-Master signed a contract of bolts and nuts for SBM project with Bomesc Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. MERO 2(FPSO Sepetiba) project, material are ASTM A320 GR L7/ ASTM A194 GR. 7L,total 84362 sets,78 Tons.