Roc-Master JiAn was established in April 2002 with an area of 38,000M²( 28,000M²of workshop area), located in Hedong Economic Development Zone, Ji’an City, which is 45 km away from the JingGangShan airport, 3.5km away from the train station of Beijing-Kowloon Railway, and close to the national highway network. We have more than 100 staff in production, engineering, quality control and management and we have passed ISO9001 and ABS, BV, TUV authentication.

Roc-Master JiAn is a professional manufacturer for all kinds of flanges, non-standard forged pipe fittings and forgings. We manufacture not only carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel forgings (F51、F53、F55、F60 etc.), but also forgings of nickel base alloy, low-alloy steel for low-temperature(A350 series、3.5Ni, A522 series、9Ni). All materials comply with sour service. We have raw material in stock for more than 2,000 tons of carbon steel of different grades in compliance with sour service; 500 tons of stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel base alloy and copper nickel alloy and 400 tons of forgings and semi-finished products for carbon steel and stainless steel, which enable us to provide customers with faster delivery and superior quality control service.

Facility has complete product testing services. There are more than 90 production equipment, including the metal band sawing machine with cutting capacity up to 1200mm, 2500 ton electric Screw Press, 630 ton closed single point punch press, one set of 4 ton electro-hydraulic hammer and manipulator, two 1-ton air hammer, one vertical 1500mm roller ring machine, 5 heat treatment furnaces, CNC lathes, ordinary lathes, drilling machines, marking and chamfering equipment etc. We can forge with the maximum weight up to 4 tons and maximum diameter up to 1.8m. The annual forging capacity is about 8,000 tons. Our testing equipment includes universal material tester, impact testing machine, HR-150A Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell hardness tester, Impact specimen notched projector, metallurgical microscope etc. For Nondestructive testing, we have UT, MT, and PT etc. We can independently finish the mechanical property testing, impact testing, metallographic analysis and NDT etc. For heat treatment, totally nine thermocouple test locations are used for controlling the furnaces according to the requirements of API 6A, special designed heat treatment forklifts and cranes bring us the capability to move the forgings from the furnace to immerse into quenching medium within 50 seconds. The temperature is monitored by programmable logical controller (PLC) system and paperless recorder.