Roc-Master Xuancheng is located in high-tech industrial development zone in Anhui province covering up to 39,000 m2 . Facility has two 10,000 m2 workshops and a 2,000 m2 offices and laboratory, as well as a 4,000 m2 comprehensive building. The major products are duplex and super duplex pipes, fittings, including customized fittings, CRA pipe spooling and process piping and process modules, RocCote Xylan® coated Bolts, welded studs, pipe shoes, pipe clamps, sliding pipe support etc.
The RocCote corrosion-resistant fastener workshop adopts digital information platform ERP visual management for the whole production process, and all production process by implementing automatic flow production. There are one robot spraying xylan® automatic production line, as well as automatic disc cutting production line, automatic chamfering, marking, thread rolling and other machining production lines, automatic hydraulic hot forging production line, high-temperature solution production line, tempering heat treatment production line, sheradizing production line and automatic product packaging line, etc. Surface corrosion resistant coating are Whitford® Xylan®, PTFE, FBE, metal ceramic, sheradizing etc. with annual capacity of 30,000 tons of xylan ® corrosion-resistant coated products. For materials Incoloy®718, A453 GR.660, S32760, Inconel ® 600, Inconel® 625 etc. with high temperature and corrosion resistance, we have rich experience in technical, production and quality control.
The RocFab workshop is equipped with production lines of DSS/SDSS pipe fittings and CRA pipe spooling. There are sand blasting, painting and drying production lines for piping and prefabricated spooling that meet the requirements of environmental protection, and stainless steel, duplex steel pickling production line as well as 4.7x7.7m RT room. The production equipment includes hot induction bending equipment, 9-point temperature control heat treatment furnace, automatic butt-welding machines, blanking machine, hydraulic press, beveling machine, laser continuous printer, etc. The annual capacity is 100,000 pieces of high-alloy high-pressure fittings, petrochemical pipe fittings, hot induction bends and 20,000 tons of pipe spooling with external anti-corrosion painting booth.